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The Seventh Face-to-Face Meeting of the Partnership for Action on Computing Equipment (PACE), Jakarta, Indonesia, 27-29 May 2014
Post Date: 01 Oct 2015
Last Update: 01 Oct 2015

The meeting was organized by BCRC-SEA/SCRC Indonesia in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Basel Convention (UNEP/SBC) and participated by 25 PACE members from Asia, Europe, America and Africa, external expert and observer.


The meeting discussed reports and follow up from the six PACE working group :

·                     Project Group 1.1 on reuse and refurbishment

·                     Project Group 2.1 on recycling and material recovery

·                     Project Group 4.1on awareness raising

·                     Project Group 3.1on pilot projects

·                     Project Group 5.1on incentive and certification

·                     Project Group 6.1on transboundary movement

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